• Jessie and I returned last evening from visiting my family in Illinois (got plane tickets at the last minute). It had been over two years since I had been back and it was really wonderful to see my family again. Big thanks to my Dad for letting us stay with him! I finally showed him how to log into the members gallery and he promised to check in every so often. It was definitely one of the best holidays in recent memory.

    My holiday isn't quite over yet though. My best friend Chad is coming to stay with us for a few days starting tomorrow. The visit was originally supposed to be next week, but we had to move it up a little. This means I probably won't get to make the New Years image that I had been planning on. I'll be working today and tomorrow but I probably won't get back in front of the computer until after the 3rd. After that I will be full steam ahead on making new wallpapers. This break will definitely do me good.

    I did a New Years image a few years back. It's called "First and Last Dance" and you will find it here.

  • I've been hearing rumblings from some of you that DB could use a redesign. Personally, I like the spartan look. It loads pretty quick and it's easy for me to update. I would certainly like to hear your thoughts. Is the site hard to navigate? Are there features you would like added? Please drop me a line if you have an opinion you would like to share.


  • I've added one last holiday render for the year. "Peppermint" is now available from the new images page. I hope you like it.

    Now I think I'm going to take a little break from rendering, though I do hope to have one last render up before the year is out (possibly with a "new years" theme) so check back or sign up for the mailing list.

    Jessie and I want to wish you all a safe and happy holiday. Here is a link to a little Christmas poem I wrote a couple of years ago. It's sappy, but I'm comfortable with that ;-)


  • It's 4:00 AM and Jessie and I just got back from the midnight showing of Lord of the Rings. This one is definitely going in my all-time top three movies, right up there with Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark (better in some ways). "Epic" is too small a word. Whether you've read the book or not, go see this movie as soon as you can!

  • I'm working on one last render before I take a break for the Holidays. Look for it before the end of the week.



  • Added "Winterborn" today. It's sort of a holiday wallpaper, but not completely seasonal. I created over 20 different "snowflakes" using the Xfrog software, but unfortunately you can only really see one of them here. Perhaps in the future I will create some other renders featuring the out-of-focus flakes. Either way, I hope you enjoy this render.


  • I added "Iris Nebula" to the gallery today; taking a little break from the holiday themes. I will try to do at least one more holiday wallpaper, given all the wonderful ideas that people have been mailing me.


  • I've posted a holiday "bonus" render of Fluorescence for you to enjoy. The idea came to me when Jessie brought home some poinsettias the other night. I wasn't planning on posting this render (it was just an experiment), but after Jessica saw it she asked that I put it in the gallery. So here it is.

    One technical note about this render is that the ground is illuminated using Lightwave's radiosity renderer. The scene is lit only by the glowing objects, there are no lights.


  • I've gotten many wonderful emails today with plenty of excellent suggestions for Holiday wallpapers. Thank you and please keep them coming. I took some your advice and made a couple of last tweaks to "Ornament". The latest render is up on the New Images page. I really am going to move onto something else now.


  • Added "Ornament" to the gallery today. For the past few days I've been tweaking it and changing little things, trying to get a look that I liked. I still don't think I've succeeded. Finally this afternoon Jessie told me that I needed to post it and move onto something else. She's right, so here it is.

    I have to be honest with you folks. Ever since we moved out to California (back in '99) it has been very difficult for me to get into the "Christmas Spirit". I guess I need the changing seasons and my family around me. We had been planning on going back to the midwest for the holidays, but with airline tickets to my hometown (Bloomington, IL) selling for over $800 it doesn't look like we'll be making the trip this year. Humbug!

    Still, I won't let any of this stop me from making festive images for your desktop. People have been requesting little else. I'd appreciate your help though. If any of you have any ideas for Holiday wallpapers, I would love to hear them.

  • A week or two ago I was contacted by a subscriber asking permission to host a mailing list which would inform everyone when I posted a new image in the Members Gallery. I've been meaning to do something like this myself, but I just never found the time. Anyway, the list is up and it seems to be working just fine. Mailings are short, ad-free, and you need not log in to remove yourself from the list. Here's the link if you are interested. Thanks Rus!


  • I'm putting the finishing touches on my first Holiday wallpaper of the season. It should be up either later today or tomorrow.


  • My newest image, "Dark Matter", is now available on the new images page. I hope you enjoy it. Comments welcome.

    People are already writing and asking about Christmas wallpapers. I guess the season is truly upon us. I'll do at least one new Christmas wallpaper this year, but I can't say when. Christmas imagery from years past is still available in the gallery though. My search engine can find them for you.


  • Happy Thanksgiving! Jessie and I are hosting our first Thanksgiving dinner this year and I'm trying to stay out of her way. Though I am far away from my family this year, I do have much to be thankful for. Jessie and I wish you have a safe and happy holiday!



  • I've posted a new wallpaper today, "The Sleeping Forest". This was my first real experience working with the new version of World Builder (the software I used for "Song of the Sky", "Glenwood" and "Sunset Fog"). There are some really cool new features in World Builder 3, but there's an equal (or greater) number of bugs.

    Bugs notwithstanding, I probably kept this one back longer than I should have, thinking that if I just "worked on it some more tomorrow" then something excellent would happen. Now I think it's time to move on to something else. I hope you enjoy this latest work.

  • Some of you have written asking where to purchase the CD-ROM. I've temporarily removed the link to the CD-ROM shopping cart, as I am in the process of creating an updated version of the disc (with all my work up to "The Sleeping Forest"). I didn't want anyone to buy the old disc if the new one was so close to coming out. Sorry for any confusion. I'll make a post here when the new disc is available.


  • Ok. This picture has taken way longer than I had originally intended. The render is finishing right now and I'm going to post it this afternoon.


  • I've been working on something new for the past four days now. I'm working with the new World Builder Version 3. Sorry to say that things are going pretty slow. There are some cool new features in Version 3 but there's also a lot of new bugs. I should have something to show you in the next day or two.


  • Added "Last Gold" today. This will be my last Autumn picture of the year. Are there still leaves in the trees where you are? Living in Southern California keeps me rather out of touch with these things. We do have some nice Earthquakes though.

    Anyway, if you have feedback please don't hesitate to send it my way.




  • Hi folks. I just wanted to mention that I am working on a new wallpaper and it should be up soon. In the meantime, please check out this wonderful collection of aurora photos. I really have to travel to Finland sometime.


  • Thanks everyone for your kind letters. My inbox was flooded this morning. Folks, please don't feel sorry for me. I'm going to be just fine.

    I've added a few images to the PickleJar this morning. There are two early versions of "Symphony" and a render of "The Summoning" using the same camera angle as the first "Pyre". I hope you like them.


  • Sorry for being so mysterious in my last update. I had an appointment with the doctor today and I wanted confirmation before I said anything. Today I got the confirmation.

    I've been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. There is no cure. I've probably had it for the past 6 months, but am only now finding out about it thanks to Jessie forcing me to get a physical last week. The condition isn't immediately life threatening, but if I don't control my blood sugar all kinds of bad stuff could happen to me (like going blind or having my feet amputated).

    So I've basically been trying to change my life over the past week. I'm trying to exercise more, sleep at regular hours, and eat a proper diet. The doctor also told me last week that my blood pressure and cholesterol were both too high. I'm proud to report that after only a week they are back to normal levels.

    A year ago I was a real mess. I've always had bad eating habits, but the past couple of years I'd really let myself go. I was probably 80 pounds overweight and was getting very little exercise. Luckily, Jessie stuck with me and was able to turn me around. It was too late, however, to prevent my current condition. If any of this sounds like you then I recommend you get yourself checked ASAP.

    My doctor has told me that if I can keep eating the right foods, get plenty of exercise, and drop another 10 or 15 pounds, then I probably won't have to take any pills or insulin shots. This is good news to me.

    How will all this affect DB and the members gallery? Well, in the short term I ask for a little more patience. Sitting at the computer for extended periods of time is not what my body needs right now. I am not going to quit making wallpapers. This is what I love to do. I'm just going to have to find a way to do it and still remain active.


  • Hi folks. Sorry to say I have nothing new this week. I visited my doctor last week for a routine physical and got some rather disturbing news. It's been occupying my thoughts ever since. I'm going back to the doctor later this week and when it's confirmed I will let you know.

    Until then I ask for your patience. I'm going to try and work this week but it will probably be at least a few more days before I post anything. I hope you'll bear with me. Thank you.


  • Added "Symphony" to the gallery today. It was inspired by some of the awesome aurora imagery available over at Spaceweather.com. I particularly enjoyed the digital photos by Phil Hoffman.

    I'm using the same basic aurora technique in "Symphony" that I used in "Song of the Sky", with a few new tricks. I think you can never have too many cool aurora pictures. What do you think?


  • Added a second, less hirsute version of "Webmaster" (there's still some fuzz on this new one if you look close). The first render is available in the Picklejar. I'm going to continue tweaking this over the weekend, so please send over your comments if you have something to say.


  • I've added the first of my Halloween images today. It's called "Webmaster" and you'll find it on the new images page. This image is still quite young so I'd love to hear your feedback.

    You can find the rest of my Halloween imagery by using the search engine. Just enter "halloween".


  • I've posted an updated version of "The Summoning", correcting some of the issues present in the first version. Thanks to everyone who sent in comments! The old version is till available in the PickleJar along with a red and a green version of the current render.

  • October is an auspicious month for me. I've been off of cigarettes for one year now and I'm pretty sure I've kicked the habit for good. Many thanks to those who wrote me with support over this past year!


  • Those of you who were members last year will recall that I lost a whole hard drive full of Lightwave files. The hard disk was physically damaged so nothing could be salvaged. Lesson learned: always back up your stuff.

    I lost some of my favorite scenes; including Threesome, Phaeralon, Spire City, and Pyre. Now that I'm offering posters I want to recreate some of those lost scenes in hi-res format. Instead of trying to duplicate them exactly, I'd rather redo them creatively.

    My first offering is now up on the New Images page. It's called "The Summoning" and it is meant to replace "Pyre". If you have comparison thoughts, I would love to hear them.


  • It's been very difficult to work this past week. I've spent way too much time watching CNN. It was really hard getting started on a new project. The images in my head were not suitable for public display.

    It wasn't until yesterday that I was able to turn off the news, sit at my computer and create. The result, "Autumn Shrine", is now up on the new images page. I hope you enjoy it.


  • All day long the requests have been pouring in: "I need an American Flag for my desktop!". Normally I try to run DB as a "global" website, but for now I want to take care of my countrymen (and myself). I added "The Emblem Of" to the both the members and the free gallery tonight.


  • What an awful, horrible day. I woke up this morning all set to celebrate my 30th birthday and post this picture that I've been working on but all that seems so insignificant now. I decided to post the picture, just in case some of you have stopped by searching for a spot of beauty on this dark day. I hope all of you and your loved ones are safe.


  • My "final" render of "Rift Canyon" is now up on the new images page. The previous version is available in the Picklejar. Now I'm going to start work on some new projects, including a little something for Halloween.


  • I've added an extra version of Rift Canyon to the Picklejar. From the feedback I've gotten, it seems like one I posted was the best choice. At least now you can have a basis for comparison.


  • At long last I have a new wallpaper to show you. I really liked "Starbirth" and I knew the follow up wasn't going to be easy. I started a lot of different projects but none of them really grabbed me until Sunday night when I sat down for a few hours with Vue d'Esprit (sorry Alex and Igor). By Monday I had a render I was happy with. That render, entitled "Rift Canyon", up now on the new images page.

    Essentially, it's a simple landscape. I held onto it for a few days to see if I could add something more, but Jessie sneered at all my additions. "I like the open landscape", she said. Ultimately, that is the version I posted. Your comments are welcome.



  • I've added some "Picklejar" versions of Starbirth. They are numbered from 1 to 4, chronologically. Each are interesting renders by themselves and would make decent wallpapers. In fact, I was tempted to post the image at each incarnation. I waited a day, worked on it some more, and the result is the image I posted on Wednesday.

    I've also made a "double-wide" render (3200 x 1200) for those of you who use two monitors. You'll find it in my tiny "2X" folder in the picklejar. I don't have a dual-monitor system myself, so I can't really test this out. If anyone wants to send me a photo of their setup, I'd appreciate it. I only ask that you wait until Tuesday to send them, since that is when my DSL is scheduled to be turned on (fingers crossed).

  • Jessie and I drove up to L.A. on Thursday to catch the last day of exhibitions at SIGGRAPH. We sat through some demos of Lightwave 7, and from what I saw I'm glad I purchased the upgrade. It should be arriving sometime next week. I saw a lot of software that I wanted to buy (Maya...).

    The highlight of the day for me was meeting Alex and Igor, the programmers behind World Builder. Alex scolded me for using too much Vue d'Esprit lately and I promised to get back to learning the new version of World Builder. I was deeply flattered when he told me that I had "mastered" the software. Quite a compliment, I thought, coming from the guy who designed the software.

    All in all we had a great time (except for the traffic in L.A.). Thanks to the folks at Right Hemisphere for sending me a free pass to the exhibits. I just recently downloaded their Lightwave plugin for Deep Paint 3D and I'm looking forward to learning it.


  • Did you see the Persied Meteors last weekend? I saw some Friday Night and Saturday morning. I stayed up to watch them peak Sunday morning, but the marine layer rolled in around midnight and wiped out the view. I saw a few more on Sunday night.

    I've been out looking at the stars a lot lately. I just bought a telescope and I've been having a lot of fun checking out the moon and the planets. I tried looking at the Orion nebula, but it certainly didn't look like the pictures I've seen. It just looked like a bluish fuzzy spot in the sky.

    I was a little bit disappointed. Perhaps the moon was interfering with my view? I went up to my computer and set about making my own nebula.

    The result, "Starbirth" is now up for your review. I've only been working on it for a couple of days now, and I might have more to add. Any feedback you might have would be helpful.


  • I was going to put this one in the Pickle Jar, but Jessie saw it, liked it, and told me I should put it in the gallery. I was a little hesitant, but she's usually right about these things. Anyway, I've added "Tropical Moon of Thetis" to the gallery. As you can guess from the title, it is a melding of "Tropical Moon" and "Thetis". It's on the New Images page and I hope you like it. I'm going to move onto something different now.

  • I recently did an interview for Jerry Compansano over at Digital Artworks. It's up now if you are interested.



  • Just added "Thetis" to the gallery. I'd been working on a World Builder landscape but a few days ago I decided it wasn't going where I wanted it to. I shifted gears and took another path.

    I still haven't decided if I'm going to leave this one alone or add more elements. I like how the planet looks by itself on my desktop, which is why I'm posting it today. If you have any feedback, don't hesitate to send it over.

  • The people over at Zazzle offered me a free poster and I picked "Haiku". It arrived yesterday in the mail and I have to say that I'm very impressed. I'm having it framed and it should be up on in my house before the weekend. This was the first time I've ever gotten a print in the mail that hadn't been wrinkled or otherwise damaged. They do great work.



  • Sorry this took me so long. I guess I wanted to take a few days off after the move. Hope you don't mind too much, given that I've worked just about every day for the past three years.

    Anyway, I have been working on a new wallpaper for the past few days and I think it's ready for your comments. I call it "Earthen" and you can find it on the New Images page. I hope you like it!

    I'm going to try to get things back to normal around here now. I still don't have my broadband connection (waiting for the installation), but that might actually help me concentrate more on artwork and less on email. We'll see.

    Either way, sorry about the lack of updates for the past couple of weeks. Two weeks between updates is too long for me and I'll try not to let it happen again!


  • Hi! How are you? My email inbox has been jammed up for the past few days with these annoying "SirCam" emails. I've gotten hundreds of them (but I was never infected). It wouldn't have been that big a deal if I still had broadband access, but it has made it all but impossible to get my email over my standby AOL dialup account (28.8). I expect my broadband access to arrive either next week or the week after that (fingers crossed).

    I think I have the email problem straightened out now. I found a cool little app which will let me delete the crap from my server before downloading. I'll try to get to my back log today and tomorrow.

    Just so you know, we finished moving last Friday and have been unpacking ever since. I haven't had the chance to start any new wallpapers because my computer was only set up today. I could have set it up earlier, but I think my brain needs a few days to recover from all of this. I'll get started on some new artwork soon though, I promise!


  • I took some time out from packing yesterday and did a little work with Vue 4. I've posted my little project up on the New Images page. Hopefully I'll be done with all this moving stuff soon and I can get back on track. Thanks for your patience!


  • I think I should clarify something about the posters that are now available. They are not the same prints as I have been showing in the Picklejar. The files I gave to my printer (shown in the Picklejar) were 8000 x 6000 and 10800 x 8100 TIFs. The files I gave to Zazzle were 4000 x 3000 and they were JPGs (albeit with very low compression).

    I'm still working on offering the higher quality, frameable prints. I'll be able to focus more time on that after I'm situated in my new home. I hope to have them available before Fall.

    I'm not trying to put down the Zazzle prints. They look great, are inexpensive, and they've worked out a way to get them safely to your door. If you are looking for the best quality I have, though, I recommend you wait until later this year. Hopefully they can tell me which images are most popular, so I don't have to buy a bunch of prints that nobody wants.

    I should have mentioned this last night. I apologize for any confusion!


  • Hi folks. A couple of things to accounce. I won't have a new upload for at least the next few days. I've had to take some personal time this past week and I haven't been able to get any real work done. I have the next couple of days to work on artwork so I'll try and get some stuff done before I have to start packing this weekend. I have to be out of my apartment by the 19th. I'll be spending most of next week packing up and moving.

    I finally closed on my new house today. I'm off to pick up the keys momentarily. We're so psyched to be moving! The only bad thing from all of this is that I will have to give up my cable modem. Apparently Cox doesn't run cable out to where I live. I may have to investigate some sort of satillite option.

    My other announcement is that I finally have posters available for sale. I've put nine images up on Zazzle.com and if people like them I'll add more.

    Zazzle seems to have been doing this for a while and it looks like they have figured out how to ship prints without damaging them. Please leave comments if you have any, or feel free to send them to me.


  • Added "Ferrous" to the gallery today. Also, those of you looking for fireworks pictures should click here.


  • I'm still playing around with Vue d'Esprit 4. My latest render is now up on the new images page. I call it "Cherry Garden" and I hope you like it. I've provided a "focussed" version in the PickleJar. If you have comments please send them my way.

  • I never knew so much was involved in buying a house. Thank you to all the homeowners who sent me their advice! My loan agent informs me that we should close on the house sometime next week and we'll start moving after immediately after that. I can't wait to be out of this apartment!


  • Last week I purchased a copy of Vue d'Esprit 4. For those of you not familiar with it, I used Vue d'Esprit 2 to create "Tropic of Capricorn".

    The software arrived yesterday and I got to spend a few hours exploring the new features. It's a great program and I always recommend it to everyone who asks me "what software should I use?".

    Anyway, I made a few test renders. Jessie really liked one of them and she told me I should post it. OK. It's called "Saguaro 2001" and you'll find it on the new images page. The old "Saguaro" image is viewable in the 1998 gallery. I hope you like it!


  • I added an updated version of "Stormfront" to the gallery. I used World Builder this time, whereas the old version was done using Bryce. Back when I lived in Iowa, one of my favorite things was to go out in the country and watch storms roll in. I re-did this image mostly out of nostalgia, as I haven't seen a single decent thunderstorm since I moved to California. Let me know what you think.


  • I've added a new wallpaper, called "First Rays", to the gallery. You'll find it on the new images page. Feel free to share any comments you may have.

    This one took a little longer than I would have liked, mostly due to the fact that I had to visit the dentist three times last week. Ouch!



  • First things first. I've posted a new wallpaper for you to check out. It's called "Scarlet" and you'll find it on the New Images page. I hope you like it!

  • Jessie and I are finally moving out of our dinky apartment. We've been talking about it almost since we moved in 2 years ago. I've always said: "just let me do one more picture..." but that isn't going to work any more. Besides, we're both really tired of this place. I'm tired of looking out my office window at a featureless wall (really!). We're both sick of the upstairs neighbors and their stereo. The list goes on and on.

    A couple of weeks ago we found our house. We made an offer, the owner accepted, and if all goes well we should be moving by the end of this month. The house is in a really quiet area and there is enough space so I might actually get some work done when Jessie is at home. There's even a couple of extra rooms in case the stork pays us a visit :-)

    We're both really excited. If any of you have any good "new homeowner advice", please feel free to send it my way. I'll keep you posted on the move!

  • Print Update: As I mentioned last time, my first shipment of test prints were somewhat damaged during shipping. My printer took it upon himself to do up another set of prints and send them out to me. These arrived last week in pretty decent shape (good enough that I'm getting one of them framed right now) but they were still not in good enough shape that I would feel comfortable selling them. The prints themselves look incredible, or at least that's what this nice lady told me at the frame store :-) I've posted some new pictures of them if you'd like to have a look (DVD case added for scale).

    I heard that rolling up the prints damages them (by warping the paper) so I guess this means the prints will have to be shipped flat, and secured within some kind of strong material which will withstand the shipping process.

    Anyway, I'll start selling the fine art prints as soon as I discover the best way to ship them. If you like my work then I guarantee you will love these prints. I'm pretty sure they'll be available before the end of the summer, just in time to help me buy some furniture...


  • I've added a new wallpaper to the gallery today. "Smidgeons" is up on the new images page and I'll be adding it to the "Abstracts" gallery shortly. I used Xfrog to model the smidgeons and I you'll probably see more funky objects like this as I continue to learn how to use the software. Please email me with any comments you may have.

    I'm still working on making posters available. I hope to market two versions of each image. One version will be a poster (suitable for tacking up on your wall), the other will be a print (suitable for framing). I've found a good printer to make the prints, now I'm looking for someone to make the posters.

  • Yes folks, I am still smoke-free. I haven't had a cigarette since late October. My lungs have never felt better. Instead of smoking at my desk, now I drink ice water.


  • Ok. I suppose one is interesting enough to share. It's called "Riverbend" and you'll find it on the new images page.

  • No doubt some of you are wondering when I will be posting a new wallpaper. I'm working on it right now. Actually, I've worked on three different projects since I posted Singularity. However, none of them I felt made a decent follow-up and I would rather post nothing than post something substandard. That's just how I am.

    The project I'm working on right now is coming along nicely and I should have something up before the weekend. The other two you'll see sometime down the road. Thanks for your patience!


  • I had some poster prints done last week and I think they turned out really nice (though they were slightly crumpled when they arrived in the mail). I took some photos to show you what they look like. If you're interested you'll find them here. The DVD case was added for scale.

    I can't say exactly when or if these will be available for sale. I just wanted you to know that I am working on it.


  • As mentioned last time, I am working on a new project. This morning I think it looks good enough to post. The image is called "Singularity" andyou can find it on the new images page. This is my first try at depicting this particular phenomenon so if anyone has comments I would love to hear them. I suppose I could have made this any color, but I chose blue in homage to the movie "The Black Hole" (one of my favorites).

    I've posted an early, more colorful render in the Pickle Jar. I'm still working on this one so don't be surprised if you see a few more renders in the days ahead.

  • I've added an animated version of "Singularity" to the downloads page. MPG and DivX AVI versions are available.


  • I still haven't come up with a snappy title for "Temple Stairs", but I do have a nighttime version available for you to download. You'll find it on the new images page and in the Pickle Jar. If no one has any objections I think I will move on now to something new.



  • I've added an updated render of "Temple Stairs" (note to self: think up snappier title). Some of you mentioned that the area around the stairs was too dark so I've brightened that a bit. You can now easily see the man climbing the stairs.

    Some of you have requested a version without the man climbing the stairs. I can understand that. I added him to give the scene a sense of scale, but I think the size of the stairs can also fulfill this purpose. I'm rendering a version without the figure so you can have your pick, it should be up late tonight or early tomorrow.

    If you have strong feelings one way or another about the stair climber, drop me a line and let me know. Help me decide which image goes in the gallery, and which will live in the Pickle Jar.

  • The version I mentioned above (without the man) is now up on the New Images page.


  • Well, it took a lot longer to render than I had anticipated (37 hours!). I still have some work to do on it, but while I do that I hope you enjoy the first draft that I've posted on the New Images page. The title, "Temple Stairs", is tentative. Let me know what you think so far.


  • Hi folks. I just wanted to chime in here and let you know that I am working on something new. I should have something to post either later today or tomorrow.



  • Do I have your correct email address on file? An email notice is sent to every member seven days before their account is set to expire. The email is to remind you to renew your account before it stops working (and renew for $14.95 instead of the $25 regular price).

    I've added a way for you to check the email address I have on file and correct it. The same page will also tell you how many days are left in your account. Just follow the "your account" link on the right hand side. Thanks!



  • Happy Easter everyone. I've been busy working on a new wallpaper and I think it's time to get some feedback. I've posted "Harbinger" on the new images page and a second version in the Picklejar. I have some more ideas for improving this image but I'd like to hear what you think first.


  • I've added a flythru animation of "Gotham Garden" to the downloads page. MPG and DivX versions are available.


  • I was having so much fun playing with Lightnet that I almost forgot to make a wallpaper for you guys. Almost. My latest upload, "Gotham Garden" combines elements from two of my recent projects: "Gotham 2001" and "Arboretum". I think the result stands on its own and I welcome your comments. I've included an alternate render (before I removed the "big tree") inside the picklejar.



  • The animated verison of "White Magic" took a little longer than I anticipated. For some strange, inexplicable reason it kept crashing on one frame. No matter what I tried, the bad frame (#90) simply would not render.

    So I only have frames 1-89 of my 120 frame animation. I guess that will have to be enough for now. I've posted it here ([an error occurred while processing this directive] zipped MPG).

    I've also posted an animated version of "Sunset Fog" ([an error occurred while processing this directive] zipped MPG). I'd rendered it a back in January but forgotten about it until now. Sorry about that.

    I hope you enjoy them. It's likely you'll be seeing more animations from now on, due to the fact that Lightnet has finally been updated for Lightwave 6.5. Now I can use all six of my processors (three workstations and my laptop) to render frames. Stay tuned!


  • Added "White Magic" to the gallery today. I haven't used my "Genesis" software since I created "Pyre" last year. This time I wanted to see how it acted with Lightwave's new built-in particle systems. It works just fine (IMO). I hope to have an animated version up for you shortly. If you have any comments, feel free to send them my way.


  • I added "Anemones" to the gallery today, continuing my fascination with glowing underwater softbodied creatures. I'm not trying to depict any particular species here, just something out of my head. There are three alternate renders available in the Pickle Jar.


  • I've posted a second update to Gotham 2001. I've changed the viewpoint and I've added some radiosity effects. As always, the original render is still available inside the Picklejar.


  • Added "Gotham 2001" to the gallery today. I still have a few things I want to do to this one, but I thought now was a good time to post it and get some feedback. This one is more of a literal update of the first "Gotham" than the 1999 version. In the first version I used a single Bryce terrain to create all of the "buildings". In the second (1999) version I modeled the structures in Lightwave and rendered in Bryce. This latest version is all Lightwave, but I've tried to retain some of the vertigo of the first version.



  • My new render "Forest Citadel" is now up in the gallery. Most of the development time on this one was spent trying to figure out (once and for all) how get a textured model from Lightwave into World Builder. I think I finally have it figured out so you should be seeing more interesting objects in my World Builder renders from now on. If you are interested in the process, or just want to comment on this latest render, please drop me a line.


  • Hi folks. Yes, I am working on something new. I expect it will be looking good today or tomorrow and it will be up in the gallery immediately thereafter. Thanks for your patience!


  • I just added "Nova", a companion piece to "Protostar", to the gallery. Yes, more "Cosmos" influence here. I hope you like it.


  • Hi folks. Not much new to report on the image front. I've been out of town since last Thursday but I'm back now and ready to get to work. My best friend from back home came out with his family to attend a wedding in Napa Valley. Jessie and I flew up from San Diego to hang out with them (since it's been over a year). We're back now and we had a wonderful time (more on that in a moment).

    Since I've been gone I haven't had any time to work on new wallpapers. Last week when I uploaded a second Vue d'Esprit render which I did not list on the new images page. It's probably new to most of you. That will have to do for now, until I get back into the swing of things. It's called "Estuary" and you can view it on the new images page.

  • My last bit of news is of a personal nature. Jessie and I met back in 1996, before I had even conceived of starting this web site. I can barely remember life without her. On Saturday night, on the 46th floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in downtown San Francisco, I (finally) asked her to marry me and she said yes. I can truly say that I am the luckiest man alive.

    We haven't set the date yet, but you'll see it here when we do.


  • Happy Valentine's Day!

    Last Friday I went to work learning 3D Studio Max 4. It's an incredibly complex program and it came with around 2000 pages of reading material. It's going to take a little while before I'm up to speed with it.

    I wanted to post something this week so I decided to open up Vue d'Esprit and do some quick renders. One of them came out kind of nice and I've posted it for you today. I call it "Isla" and you can ckeck it out on the new images page. There are three other versions of this image available in the Picklejar.



  • After reading all of your suggestions (thank you!!) and doing a lot of experimentation, I've decided that "Hall of Kings" doesn't really need anything new. My "final" version is now up on the New Images page. I've moved the camera a little closer to the light and I've added a human figure to impart a sense of scale. The two previous versions are still available in the Pickle Jar.

    Now I'm going to move on to something new.

  • The PNG index is up to date with all of the images added since October.



  • I've been working on a new project for the past couple of days. It's to the point that I'd like a little feedback, but not to the point where I want to call it a finished work. Check it out here and let me know what you think, or wait a few days for the final render to appear on the new images page. Thanks!


  • Added "The Purple Plain" to the gallery today. It's one of a few projects that I have going right now and it's the one I think is furthest along.


  • Hi folks. I just wanted to let you know that I am alive and that I am working on some new stuff. As soon as I'm happy with it, you'll see it.



  • The new landscape that I mentioned last time is now available in on the New Images page. I'm calling this one "Sunset Fog". The color is inspired by the sunset we had last week during the first day of the Viejas wildfire.

    What do you think?.


  • I didn't do an "abstract" gallery in 2000 but I'll have one this year. "Twine", now available on the new images page, will be its first resident. I'm also working on a new World Builder landscape which I hope to have up within a day or so.

  • Smoking status report: It's been over two months now since I quit smoking and I think about them less and less every day. I broke down about a month or so ago and tried a cigarette. It tasted nasty though and made me feel ill. I haven't wanted one since.

    Again, I want to thank everyone who sent me letters of encouragement. Once I told you all that I had quit, I just knew I couldn't start up again...


  • Happy 2001! I've added a new wallpaper to the gallery. "Arboretum" is available on the New Images page. I've also posted a night version in the Pickle Jar. I did this scene to test out how many polygons my new computer could handle. The final count came out to 4,222,222, and it took about 3 and a half hours to render on one processor. The added light sources in the night version kicked the render time up to 8 hours.

last updated 05/31/11

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