• Just wanted to chime in and let you all know what's going on. After posting "Winterwood" I've been spending some time with my family and some old friends that I hadn't seen in years. I've been away for 15 years so there's a lot of catching up to do. I've also been busy trying to learn a new art program, so hopefully I'll have some interesting things to show you all in 2005.

    I've got Christmas parties for the next four days so you probably won't hear from me until next week. I'll take this chance to wish you all a safe and Happy Holiday and to share with you all the photo we sent out on all of our Christmas cards. How he's grown since last year...



  • Added a new wallpaper, "Winterwood", to the gallery today (widescreen also available). Usually I cannot say where I get my ideas, but this one was definitely inspired by the a recent snowfall which fell on the woods near my home. I'm pretty sure that I will be wishing myself back in California after a couple of more months of cold, but for now I think it's simply beautiful.


  • I forgot to mention last evening that you can find my entire collection of Christmas images by using the search engine.


  • Added my first Holiday image of the year, "Poinsettia", to the gallery this evening (widescreen also available). I hope you like it. I'll try to do another holiday image before Christmas, but I have a couple of non-seasonal ideas I want to work on too. At the very least, it should be a lot easier for me to get into the "Holiday Spirit" this year with all the snow that has been flying over the past week. Joy!


  • My CDROM (Version 6) is now available from Cafepress. The price is unchanged ($10 off the regular price: $14.95 with a Jewel Case and full color insert, $10.95 in a paper sleeve). It contains the entire members gallery up to my most current image (Vigil).

    Unfortunately I didn't have room to include the multi-monitor split screen files on the CD. I had to stay under 700 MB and the CD came in at around 698 with the Split Files left off. Hopefully next year I can offer a DVD-ROM and fit more stuff.

    Anyway, drop me a line if you have any questions.


  • Just a quick note to wish you all (who are celebrating) a Happy Thanksgiving. I also wanted to mention that my 2005 Wall Calendars are now available. There are two versions this year: a version containing all new images (since last year) and a version with all "classic" images. The updated CDROM is on the way to Cafepress right now and should be available early next week.

    With all of the ancillary stuff out of the way (the new server seems to be running smoothly now) I can now get back to making new wallpapers. Look for a new holiday image first.


  • I've played around a little more with "Vigil" and have posted an updated version on the new images page. Hope you like it.

  • My main project this week is going to be migrating my Free Site (http://www.digitalblasphemy.com/) to a new dedicated server. It has been running far too slowly for the past couple of months and the time has come for a change.

    Part of the migration involves a DNS change for the Members Gallery and secure server. It should be seamless, but there might be a moment or two sometime this week when you may be unable to connect to the members site. Just FYI.

    Once the migration is complete and everything is running smoothly, I will work on putting together my CDROM and Calendar for 2005. Once those items are complete I will most likely start work on a new seasonal wallpaper.

    So that is what I have coming up. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line.


  • Our first few weeks here in Illinois have been rather gloomy weatherwise and for a while Jessie was really down in the dumps. I can't change the weather, but in an effort to cheer her up I thought it would be nice if I did a tropical theme for my first "post-move" wallpaper. The image, called "Vigil", is now up for your review. A widescren is also available. Hope you like it!

  • I've taken down the links to purchase my CDROM (V.5). I will be putting together V.6 shortly and I hope to have it up before the end of the month. I also plan on doing at least one Calendar.

  • I got to see a rather awesome display of the Northern Lights earlier in the week. I was able to sit out in front of my house (in freezing temps) and take a few pictures. Here's one of them which I think turned out rather nice. The photo is a 30 second exposure which helps bring out the colors (it didn't look this bright and colorful to the naked eye). It was only my second time seeing the Aurora and it gets cooler every time!


  • I'd like to thank you all for being so patient while I go through this transition. Things are about as settled in now as they are ever going to be, so I started work yesterday on a new wallpaper. I can't give you an ETA, but I thought you would like to know that something is in the works.

    In other news, I've added about thirty 2560 x 1600 renders. They scattered throughout the widescreen gallery. I want to have the rest done shortly so I can include them on Version 6 of my CDROM, which I hope to have out before the end of the month. I've also added 6 new posters to my Zazzle collection, including my first "widescreen" poster. I may add more of those later.

    Lastly, thanks to Brent McAleer for pointing out to me that Digital Blasphemy was mentioned on the BBC World show "Click Online". If you are interested you can check it out, and even watch the show, from here.

    Now back to work for me...


  • Just checking in to let you all know that the move went fine. We were on the road for 5 days and then had to stay in a hotel for 3 days while our belongings caught up with us. We moved into our new house a couple of days ago and are slowly rebuilding our lives. I finally got my workstation back online last night so I can post this update. We still have quite a bit of unpacking and organizing to do. Luckily we have plenty of people willing to keep Ian occupied while we work. I'll post again when I've got everything settled and I'm ready to get back to work. Thanks everyone for being patient!


  • It's been a crazy couple of weeks around here. We hit the road for Illinois Wednesday, so we've been scrambling to get everything packed up and ready to move. We're almost there.

    In the midst of all this madness, I was able to sit down and create one last wallpaper before we hit the road. It's up now on the new images page; an abstract which I call "Orthohedron". A widescreen is also available. I know some of you were hoping for a Halloween image, but there just wasn't time to do put one together. Maybe after the move, but if not then definitely next year.

    Anyway, this will be my last post from sunny California. Wish us luck on the four day roadtrip with a one year old...


  • Dual and Triple screen versions of "October Flame" are up.

  • I took this picture of Ian yesterday (in his first pair of tennis shoes). He looks less and less like a baby every day.


  • Added "October Flame" to the gallery this evening, in anticipation of the fall colors we will see when we move to Illinois next month. The name would mean something else entirely here in southern California. Anyway, I hope you like it. Widescreen versions are also available.

    You may have noticed that the past three images I've done all share a similar theme; a path or river disappearing around a bend. I don't think this a coincidence. I didn't set out to be symbolic, but I think it's interesting that what's going on inside my head will usually manifest itself in my work whether I want it to or not.


  • I've added dual and triple screen versions of "Glimeren".


  • I've posted a slightly revised version of "Glimeren". I wanted to do one more tweak to the colors after I posted it last night. The new version is on the new images page and the original is in the Pickle Jar (named "Glimeren2"). The multi-monitor version is rendering right now and I hope to have it up shortly.


  • I'd like to thank everyone who has written me with letters of support regarding our decision to move back to Illinois (see post from 9/6 below). I've received far too many emails to ever hope to reply to them all, but I just wanted everyone to know that I've read them all and I thank you for understanding my situation.

    We are in the process now of trying to sell our home. It isn't too much fun having people tramp through your house day after day, but hopefully it will be over soon. We think we have found a family who is interested and if we are lucky the house will be sold soon. Then on to the packing...

    I mentioned last time that things would slow down around here, but not come to a complete stand-still. I had the opportunity over the past few days to work on a new wallpaper and I've posted it up for you this evening. It's an abstract which I call "Glimeren". There may be an extra version or two in the coming days. I hope you like it!

    "Glimeren" is the first image in my gallery to be available at 2560 x 1600 (to take advantage of Apple's new 30" LCD) in the widescreen gallery. All of my future renders will be available at that resolution and I hope to have the existing widescreens all re-rendered shortly.


  • Five years ago Jessie and I decided to move out of the Midwest to sunny Southern California. Since I can do what I do from anywhere (all I need is my computer and a hi-speed connection), why not go where the weather is beautiful year round? Ever since Jessie became pregnant with Ian, however, we have been going back and forth over the fact that Ian won't have any extended family in California. His grandparents come to visit every so often, but it's just not the same as living near them.

    Last week we decided it was time for a change. After doing some research on the Net, we found a nice house in my hometown of Bloomington IL. We flew back last Thurday to check it out. To make a long story short: we bought the house and we are moving back to Illinois in mid October.

    Those of you who live in the Midwest may think that I have gone crazy. We are giving up the best weather in the country and moving back to blizzards, ice storms, and sub-zero temps (and the opposite extremes of heat and humidity). It does feel a little crazy, but Jessie and I have decided that it is more important that Ian grow up with an extended family who loves him.

    Now we are going to start the process of packing up and moving back east. As you may imagine, things are going to slow down around here for the next month or two (though they won't freeze altogether). I will still post new images from time to time, but I think I will be spending most of the time doing renders at various resolutions that people have been requesting. I want to do more multi-monitor screens, and I want to re-render my widescreens so users of Apple's new 30" screen can take advantage of my collection. I may also do some Tablet PC renders. In the long run, I think I will be able to get more work done because Ian will have more people around him than just Jessie and myself.

    To those of you who are concerned about the lack of new wallpapers: I want to remind you that you are under no obligation to renew your membership when it expires. It has long been my policy that members can let their accounts expire, and then renew at any time with the same renewal discount ($15 for 1 year). You can simply wait until enough new material appears to justify the fee. The email which you will receive when your account is about to expire will contain all the necessary details.

    If anyone has any questions or thoughts, feel free to drop me a line. Thanks for your patience while we make some major life changes here.


  • I've added dual and triple screen versions of "Idyll" to the gallery.


  • I've been spending the past few days exploring the new version of "World Builder" and seeing what it can do. It has a lot of cool new features, but I am more impressed that the program seems fairly stable now. There's still a few bugs to work out, but I think the fine folks over at Digital Element have done a great job.

    My latest World Builder render, "Idyll", is now up on the new images page for your review. A widescreen version is also available. I hope you like it. I may have a tweak or two left to make with it, so drop me a line if you have any comments.

    You'll probably see a few more World Builder renders than you have in the past, now that the program is a little easier to work with.


  • As I mentioned last time (so long ago), I had some family come out to visit and celebrate Ian's first birthday. He had a wonderful time by the way. Here's a photo of him enjoying his first piece of cake.

    I wasn't able to spend much time at my computer though, other than answering a few emails. My copy of World Builder 4 arrived a few days ago. My first order of business is to install it and see what's new. Barring major bugs, I'll use it for my next project. We'll see what happens. Thanks for being patient while I spend some time with my family!


  • If you've been following my work since the beginning, you'll know that I am fascinated with Nebulae. I've been trying to faithfully recreate them for some time now, with varying levels of success. It's rather difficult to do realistic billowing clouds using 3D software.

    I've been exploring a different approach to creating the stardust clouds, and I think the results look more 3D than my previous efforts. The render, "Firmament", is now up on the new images page. A widescreen version is also available (it was actually designed as a widescreen image). I hope you enjoy it.

  • Ian's first birthday is this coming Thursday (has it been a year already???). My parents are coming out from Illinois for the birthday party so I probably won't get to do too much work during the upcoming week.


  • I've added a dual and triple screen version of "Sunspire by Night". The daytime version will take a little longer to render, but it's coming.


  • I've posted a nighttime version of "Sunspire" on the new images page. A widescreen version is also available. Yes, I am working on multi-monitor versions of both renders. The night version will probably be up first (it doesn't take very long to render) and the sunlit version will follow a few days later. The widescreen version took around 3 days to render, so I imaging the triple screen version may take up to 5 or 6.


  • I've posted a revised render of "Sunspire". This version has better anti-aliasing (I sort of used a hack to get it to render faster last time) and contains a few extra elements to bring it in line with the nighttime version I am working on. A widescreen version is also available.


  • I mentioned back in June that I would try to make some brighter images now and then. Quite a few of you told me that you preferred the darker screens (I seem to enjoy making them too), but I know a number of you have been growing impatient for something sunny and bright. I hope you folks enjoy my latest render, "Sunspire", which I've just posted on the new images page.

    The rendering took far longer than I had anticipated (over 36 hours), or I would have had it up sooner. There are still a few things that I would like to tweak, but I think it looks good enough to share is it is now. Check back in a few days an I might have some changes up.


  • I just wanted you all to know that I am in the process of rendering my newest project and I hope to have it up by tomorrow (Thursday at the latest).


  • I've posted a revised render of "Roche Limit". I've brightened the main planet and I've added some brightness to the ice crystals in the rings.

  • Late Update: I've added dual and tri-screen versions of "Roche Limit".



  • I've added widescreen, dual-screen, and tri-screen versions of "Circular Logic". I've decided not to post any different color variations for this piece. I'd like it to stand on it's own, as is (blue).


  • I added a new abstract to the gallery today. The image is called "Circular Logic" it was created with some of the same techniques that I used to create "Sigil". I hope you like it.


  • I've added dual and triple screen versions of "Happy 4th". As some members have already noticed, some of the triple screen images can be adapted for use as dual-screen images (in the case that a dual-screen is not available). Simply download the split-screen files and use the middle and right or left file.

    I hadn't been able to figure out how to offer dual-screens of some of my images where the focus is centered (like Fluorescence, Mandala, Gazebo, etc) but this seems to be a good solution. In the future I will adapt some of the existing triple screens for dual-screen use and post them in the dual-screen gallery, but for now I invite you to use the triple-screens. Doing so will give you the added benefit of placing the "focus" on the right or left monitor as you choose (I tend to favor the right monitor).


  • I've added a revised version of my old Fourth of July image (Happy 4th). I've used Lightwave this time and I wanted to see if I could use the particle system to create fireworks (they were 2D in the previous Bryce render). A widescreen version is available and I might have an image or two in the Pickle Jar before too long.

    I hope you like it and, regardless of whether or not you are celebrating Independance Day, I hope you have an excellent Fourth of July weekend.


  • I've added two new triple-screens this morning, "Atrium" and "Conjunction 2003". I hope you like them. I'd also like to assure you single-screen users that I haven't forgotten about you. I am working on a couple of new projects and I hope to have something up soon.


  • It wasn't long after I started doing dual-screens that requests started coming in for triple monitor wallpapers. Initially I wasn't interested, simply because it didn't seem like there were enough triple screen users out there to justify the time it would take to adapt and re-render the images. Lately, however, the requests have become more frequent and (after a quick search of the web) it has become apparent to me that there are many 3-monitor users out there with nowhere to turn for quality wallpaper.

    So I am happy to announce that my first-ever batch of triple-screen wallpapers are now up for your review. There are six to start with and if you like them (let me now what you think) I will add more as time permits.


  • I've updated my Pocket PC Theme Collection now (file size[an error occurred while processing this directive]) to make the Start Menu easier to read.


  • While rendering a poster-sized version of "Vespers", I noticed an error in the original render posted on Thursday. One of the columns was misaligned. I've gone back and rendered a new version which cleans up the problem and the old version in the gallery.



  • Added "Vespers" to the gallery this morning. I hope you like it.

    Quite a few of you have written asking that I create some bright day scenery (I've been "too dark" lately). It's true that most of my subject matter is dark ("Vespers" being another example). I, personally, feel that a darker image makes a better wallpaper. It provides a better contrast for your windows.

    However, I have heard your requests for day scenery and I will try to "lighten up" a little in the future.


  • I've added a widescreen version of "Colony" to the gallery. Hope you have a great weekend!


  • My newest render, "Colony", is now up on the new images page. As mentioned yesterday, this one grew out of tinkering with Lightwave 8's new modeling tools and exploring the new interface in Layout. This was just a fun image to make and I hope you enjoy it.


  • My copy of Lightwave 8 arrived a few days ago and I've been busy playing around with all the new features. A decent looking render has emerged from all of my tinkering and I hope to have it up for you in a day or two.


  • Yesterday I asked which version of "Pantheon" was preferable. The results have been nearly unanimous: The image looks better without the foreground moon. I've decided, therefore, to feature the second version in my gallery and keep the first in the Pickle Jar. Thanks for the feedback everyone!

    I've added a dual-screen version of "Pantheon" this morning. For the dual-screen, I decided that I prefer the foreground moonscape (in a slightly different composition) so I will be featuring that version. A second version without it is also available.

  • I saw this yesterday. I don't run a dual-monitor system so it was cool to see what my wallpapers look like "in action".


  • Some of you asked that I create a version of "Pantheon" without the foreground moon surface. No problem. I've posted it in the Pickle Jar. Which you do prefer?. I've also posted widescreen renders of both. Dual-screens to come shortly.

  • I've finally gotten around to organizing the 2004 images into their own galleries.


  • The last couple of weeks I've received a flurry of requests for more planetary images. Of course, I am all too happy to oblige. My latest planetscape, "Pantheon", is now up for your review. I hope you like it!


  • I've posted a dual-screen version of "Sigil". Sorry for the wait.

  • Ian turns nine months old tomorrow. He's crawling around now and pulling himself up to a standing position. He can even take a few steps on his own. Anyway, I thought this would be a good time to post another photo so you all could see how he's grown. Yes, I am a proud Dad.



  • I was playing around with Vue d'Esprit Pro this afternoon when Jessie walked into my office. She looked at what I was working on and said "Oooh pretty, you should post that". I wasn't planning on it, but I've learned to trust her judgement in these matters. The image, "Sunset Cove", is now up on the new images page. I hope you like it!


  • I've added a widescreen version of "Sigil" to the gallery. Sorry it took so long, but Jessie and I took Ian back to Illinois to visit the family for Mother's Day. I'll try to get a dual-screen version done before too moving on to something else. Still waiting for Lightwave 8 to arrive...


  • Added a new wallpaper, "Sigil", to the gallery this evening. After "Geode" I wanted to try something a little different. "Sigil" has a 2D look, but is 100% 3D. The lighting is all done with radiosity (for those of you interested in that sort of thing). It isn't the most complicated piece in my collection, but I think it makes a striking wallpaper and I hope you enjoy it.


  • I've added widescreen and dual-screen versions of "Geode". These renders each took over 20 hours to render to the Pickle Jar versions will have to wait. I'd rather work on something new right now.

  • I've written up a FAQ for the members gallery. It's mostly for folks who are interested in signing up, but if you have any questions which you think should belong on the list, please let me know.


  • I'm still waiting for my copy of Lightwave 8 to arrive. In the meantime, as I mentioned before, I've been working on improving "Geode". After many lengthy rendering sessions I've decided that it's time to post what I have an move on to something else. Perhaps I'll return to it later.

    My most current render is up on the New Images page. I've posted a couple of extra renders in the Pickle Jar. The changes between each version are very subtle. I've tried to add a little "fire" to the crystals and to break up the blue with some different colors.

    I'll post a Widescreen version in the next couple of days (hopefully a dual-screen too). Thanks for being patient!


  • I'm still working on revising "Geode" (thanks for all the feedback!). While my previews are rendering, I've taken the time to work on a little side project. People have been asking me for a while now to convert some of my work into Pocket PC themes so a few days ago I took the plunge a picked up an Ipaq to see what all would be involved. So far I've converted 38 of my images (selected from 2003, 2004 and a few older favorites) into Themes.

    I haven't integrated them into the gallery yet, but you can download the zipped collection now (file size[an error occurred while processing this directive]) . If you have any thoughts or feedback about the themes, please feel free to drop me a line. Let me know if you think it's worth doing more of them.


  • I've added "Geode" to the gallery this morning. Hopefully you will see what I mean when I said that this was a "complex" image. I think this is one where the thumbnail doesn't really do it justice. There are well over a million crystals in the scene.

    I'm still tinkering with this one, and I expect my copy of Lightwave 8.0 to arrive in the mail any day now. LW 8 may offer a few new tricks which I will want to try out. In the meantime, I think the image is at least ready to share and I'd love to hear your thoughts. Enjoy!


  • I just wanted to chime in and mention that I am putting the finishing touches on a new wallpaper. It's a pretty complex image, so it takes a while to render, but I hope to have it ready in the next couple of days.


  • I've added a widescreen version of "California Poppies" to the gallery this morning. I don't think this image would convert well to a dual-screen format so I won't be making one this time.


  • Now that spring is in full swing, I thought I would pay tribute with a wallpaper dedicated to my favorite local flower: the California Poppy. They're are all over the place in my neighborhood and I hope springtime has brought similar beauty to your area. Happy Easter!


  • Happy Easter weekend to all of you. I'm busy working on a new wallpaper (hopefully it will be ready sometime early next week) but I just wanted to remind everyone about the Easter wallpaper I posted last year. It's called "Ostereier" and you'll find it in the 2003 Abstracts gallery.

  • Some of you have asked when I will be putting up the 2004 galleries. As I do every year, I plan to let the New Images page fill up with 2004 works before I parcel them out into separate galleries.


  • At long last, I've posted the dual-screen version of "Arctica by Night". This one crashed twice when I tried to render it on my second computer, but it came out fine when I rendered it on my main machine (even though it took 3 days).



  • Added "Origins" to the gallery today. It was rendered in Lightwave, but I wanted to take a shot at creating my own nebula textures in Photoshop rather than using Lightwave's procedurals. I hope you like it.

  • Bad news regarding the "Arctica by Night" dual-screen. The renderer crashed right as it was finishing the last anti-aliasing pass. I've restarted it, but it will be a day or two before it completes. Sorry about that.



  • Rather than wait for the dual-screen version of "Arctica by Night" to finish, I set it to render on my old workstation and set about working on something new. I'm still playing my new project, but I think it looks good enough to share. The render is called "Neighbors" and it's up now on the new images page. I hope you like it.

    The dual-screen of "Arctica by Night" should be up in a day or two.


  • I've posted a widescreen version of "Arctica by Night". The dual-screen should be in a day or two (these take forever to render).


  • I've posted a revised render of "Arctica by Night". I've changed the lighting a little to make some of the closer icebergs stand out. The version posted yesterday will remain available in the Pickle Jar. I'll work on rendering the widescreen and dual-screen versions and then get ready to move on to something new.


  • I've added a night version of "Arctica" to the gallery today. I chose to post this one in the gallery, rather than the Pickle Jar, because I think it stands well enough on it's own. I may tweak it a little before I'm completely satisfied, but I thought it looked good enough to share this morning.




  • I've added a widescreen version of "Arctica" to the gallery. I'm working on doing a dual-screen version and some of you have suggested that I try a night version. We'll see about that. Thanks for all the feedback (special thanks to Gordon for introducing me to the addicting "Orca Slap" game).

    I justed to also point out the the title of the image ("Arctica") was in no way meant to imply that the scene was the North Pole (where penguins don't live). I chose the name as a generic term for a cold polar area and I don't think it needs to be changed. Thanks for the concern though.


  • I"m still not 100% but I'm starting to feel a little better. Well enough at least to sit at my computer for a few hours a day and work on a new wallpaper. I've just posted it on the new images page. It's called "Arctica" and I hope you enjoy it.


  • I'd hoped my fever would pass after a few days, but it's still with me after a week. I made a trip to the doctor yesterday and he thought it might be a lingering sinus infection. He prescribed some antibiotics so I'll see what happens over the next few days. A grew tired of sitting in bed a long time ago though, and I've been working on a new wallpaper for the past few days. I hope to have it (and the rest of "The Comb" dual-screens) up before the end of the week.


  • I've added widescreen versions of the four "Comb" color variations. The dual-screens will be up shortly (as soon as they are all rendered).

  • On a personal note, I ha've been battling a case of the flu which has kept me in bed all week. I've only ventured out to start renders, check emails, and post these Pickle Jar images. I hope you will all be patient with me while I get back on my feet. Thanks!


  • I've added four color variations of "The Comb" in the Pickle Jar. I'll try to have widescreen/dual-screen versions up before too long.


  • I've added a widescreen and dual-screen version of "The Comb". A lot of you have been asking if I was planning on posting different colored versions of "The Comb". The answer is yes, but they are taking quite a while to render. I hope to have some up in a day or two.


  • I've really been in "abstract" mode lately. It's not that I don't enjoy doing scenes (such as "First Green"), I do, but the freedom of the abstract is really appealing to me right now. I love letting my mind run free and seeing what strange designs I can come up with. My only constraint is that the image look good on your desktop.

    My latest render, "The Comb", is now up on the new images page for your review. I hope you enjoy it.


  • I've done a little tweaking on "First Green" and I've posted a new render on the New Images page. The original version will remain available in the Pickle Jar. I hope you approve of the changes I've made.

  • Ian is sixth months old today. Hard to believe it's been half a year since he was born. He is truly my pride and joy. Here's a recent photo if anyone's interested.

  • Late Update: I've posted a widescreen version of "First Green".


  • I'd hoped to have my new render up on Monday morning, but instead I spent all day cajoling World Builder into producing the render for me. I lost count of how many times it crashed halfway through. Anyway, late Monday night I figured out what needed to be done and was able to finish the render without incident.

    The new image is called "First Green" (borrowed from the Robert Frost poem) and is up on the new images page for your review. I hope you enjoy it!


  • A number of folks have written asking if I was going to post a Valentine's Day wallpaper this year. I am working on a new wallpaper (hopefully up within a day or two) but it isn't Valentine's Day related. Sorry! For those of you who want something fitting on your desktop, you might want to try out my 2002 wallpaper, Hybrid.


  • I've added two "Cilia" color variations to the Pickle Jar. One is blue and green, the other is green and blue. Widescreen and dual-screen versions are also available.


  • I've added a dual-screen version of "Cilia" to the gallery. I have a few color variations in the works and they will be added to the Pickle Jar shortly.


  • As I mentioned when I first posted "Azula", I am going through an "abstract" mood right now. Since "Azula" was so inorganic and geomteric, I thought my next abstract should be more organic. My newest render, "Cilia", is now up on the new images page. I hope you enjoy it!

  • LATE UPDATE: I've added widescreen render of "Cilia" to the gallery.


  • After much rendering I've finally posted dual-screen and widescreen renders for all of the "Azula" color variations. After reading all of your emails I didn't have the heart to only do one render. Thanks for all the feedback! I am now quite ready to move on to something new.


  • Still tinkering. I've added new versions of "Azula Chome" and "Azula Gold" to the Pickle Jar. Widescreen/Dual-Screen renders are forthcoming.


  • As requested, I've rendered some versions of "Azula" with different colors. They're now up in the Pickle Jar. To be honest, there are a couple which I like better than the blue version and I'm wondering if maybe I should feature a different render than the one I posted on Sunday. What do you think? Once I've figured out which version to feature, I'll do widescreen and dual-screen renders.


  • After doing 12 "scenery" images in a row, I've decided to change things up and do an abstract (or two). My latest render, "Azula", is now up on the new images page.



  • I've posted a widescreen render of "Eventide". I'm working on a dual-screen version, but I'm still trying to figure out how to adapt the scene.


  • Thanks for all the feedback on "Eventide". I've posted a minor revision on the new images page, while the original is still available in the Pickle Jar. Yes, I will be making a dual-screen version of this one, but not until after I've arrived at the "final" render.


  • As mentioned yesterday, I've been working on a new wallpaper. I could probably sit here for a few more days trying to add different things to it, but Jessie tells me that I should just post it as is. The new image is called "Eventide" and it's up on the New Images page. I'll still be tinkering with it in the days to come, so if anyone has any comments feel free to share them with me.


  • I'm busy working on a new wallpaper (hope to have it up in the next couple of days), but I wanted to take time out and mention to everyone that today is the fifth birthday of the members gallery. The first members (many of whom are still around today) signed up on January 14, 1999. I just wanted to thank them, and you all, for helping to make the members gallery a success. I"ve added over 300 wallpapers to the gallery since it started five years ago, most of which would not have been made without your support. Thanks everyone! I hope to see you back in in 2009 (and beyond).


  • I've added the widescreen version of "Atrium". I've also added a widescreen version of "The Ride 2003" without Santa for those of you who requested it. Both renders are in the widescreen gallery.

  • Some of you have asked why I always show picures of Jessie and Ian, but never any of myself. Two reasons: I am always the one taking the pictures and Jessie is a lot prettier than me. She took a decent one yesterday though (forgive our messy hair), so here you go.


  • I was suggested to me yesterday that I should remove the flowers on the outer rings of the "Atrium" and replace them with water. I tried it out last night and decided that I do like it better this way. The render is now up on the new images page. I think I'm going to move onto something else now so I hope everyone is as satisfied as can be with this one. I'll have a widescreen version up sometime tomorrow. Thanks for all the feedback!

    Rus Foster, who runs the DB Update mailing list, will be moving the list to a new server. As far as I can tell, you will need to resubscribe to the list if you want to receieve email notification when I post a new or updated image. You can find out more about the list here. Thanks Rus!


  • After reading some of your feedback regarding "Atrium", I decided to make a few changes. Unfortunately this image is rather slow to work on because the renders take so long (over 18 hours for the 1600 x 1200 render). Anyway, the updated version is now available on the New Images page, while the first version remains available in the Pickle Jar.


  • Happy New Year everyone! 2003 was a pretty big year for me and I'm really looking forward to seeing what develops in 2004. I hope you all had a good time last evening and are ready to start fresh with a new calendar.

    I mentioned last time that I was working on a new wallpaper. I wanted to have it ready yesterday, but some last minute tweaks held it back to today. The new wallpaper is called "Atrium" and it is up now on the new images page for your review. I hope you like it!

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