Digital Blasphemy 3D Wallpapers -- FREE: Arcana (2011) at 850 x 315
Arcana (2011)

This image is designed to be used as a Facebook Cover Photo. I encourage everyone to download my Facebook Cover Photos and to use as many as you like! Individuals don't need to ask permission but I would prefer Pages do so.

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Click here for the hi-res wallpaper version of Arcana (2011).


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Ryan's Notes:

I've always been a sucker for magic and fantasy. Some of my earliest renders attempt to capture this. For whatever reason it had been a quite a long time since I've tried anything "magical". After reading "The Chronicles of Narnia" to my 7-year old son Ian, doing a little CRPG gaming, and purchasing a new version of Lightwave the time seemed right to dust off my spellbook in Winter 2011.

For the record: The figure in the center of the "magic" was Ian's idea.


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