Digital Blasphemy 3D Wallpapers -- FREE: Geomancy (2013) at 850 x 315
Geomancy (2013)

This image is designed to be used as a Facebook Cover Photo. I encourage everyone to download my Facebook Cover Photos and to use as many as you like! Individuals don't need to ask permission but I would prefer Pages do so.

All I ask is that you either tag my Facebook page or link back to the Digital Blasphemy somehow when you post the image on your Facebook profile or page. Also, please don't link directly to the files on my server! Download them to your computer or device and upload to Facebook. Thanks!!

Click here for the hi-res wallpaper version of Geomancy (2013).


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Ryan's Notes:

My first abstract of 2013. I was playing around making shapes using Jenn3D and brought the results into Lightwave 11.5 for rendering. Jenn3D only exports STL files so I used MeshLab to convert them to OBJ.
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