Memberships: Commercial License

Webmasters. Joining the members gallery will allow you to use my public gallery graphics on your personal website. The images may not be altered in anyway other than resizing/cropping. You may only use images from my free gallery, which are clearly marked as such in the members gallery.

No more than five hi-res images may be offered for download at any one time.

Commercial site usage: If your website generates revenue for you or for anyone else, you must purchase a commercial account. There are no exceptions to this.

Images obtained during a one year subscription do not "expire" when the subscription is over, you may continue using the graphics without renewing your subscription. However, you will need to renew your subscription if you wish to add new selections.

Neither of these options grants you license to redistribute my artwork for profit. The web page displaying my images may contain banner advertising and/or affiliate links, but you may not explicitly sell my artwork in any form (physical or electronic).

The Commercial Membership does NOT cover print distribution.

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