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Fire Below Ice

I read recently that there are lakes underneath Iceland's glaciers due to volcanic activity in the area. My imagination was stoked and I set about creating my own fanciful version of what such a place might look like. The result is "Fire Below Ice" which is new this morning in the Members Gallery. It continues the icy motif that I've been following this December.

This is one of two projects that I've been working on this week. The other is a Christmas theme which is rendering right now on Bucephalus. Hopefully it will be ready to post soon. Members looking for a bit of holiday cheer should peruse my Christmas gallery in the meantime!


Traveller (Planet)

While Bucephalus chugged away rendering the snowy version of my Black Angel, I was inspired to create a new version of my "Traveller" scene from last year. I've moved the icy moon in much closer to the planet, added a fiery moon in the foreground and some sublimating watervapor from the new sunlight angle.

Let me know if you think this one deserves its own spot in the gallery or if it should just be a Pickle Jar entry.



Here's a nice little minimalistic wallpaper I put together while relearning how to create 3D fractals using Mandelbulber. Expect a few other, perhaps less minimalistic, versions in the days ahead as my knowledge expands.


The Black Angel (Winter)

I've added a winter version of "The Black Angel" to the Members Gallery this morning. I created the original "Black Angel" as a Halloween wallpaper but I was already thinking how interesting it might look as a winter scene.

I've used the same snow-covering technique that I first attempted in Hokkaido to cover the branches and vines with snow. This scene, however, was considerably more complicated so the results were not always perfect.

No, this is not my Christmas wallpaper for 2014 ;-)



This is what happens when I try to recreate a lost abstract and end up going off on an entirely different tangent. I somehow managed to erase my scene file for "Infinitesimal" before I was able to render the multiscreen version. I still had the objects though so I set about trying to recreate it.

For whatever reason, though, I couldn't get it to look right. I created a bit of new geometry then, thinking I would just create a new "Infinitesimal", but I was never able to get results that I felt were better than the gallery version.

I decided, in the end, to scrap the revision and just create something new with my new geometry. I hope you like the results!

I chose a different camera angle for the multiscreen to better use the wider frame.

My ultra-widescreen version of "Pyre (2014)" for multiple-monitors and 21:9 is now available. I've also added a selection of 5120 x 2880 "5K" images to fit the new Apple iMacs. The zip file is available for Members on the Downloads page.




Here's my third (final?) version of my "Pyre" update (see the original "Pyre" here). I've added a bit more "halo" around the pyre, changed the pose of the pyromancer, and added some magic coming from his fingertips.

The first two renders will remain available in the Pickle Jar. Let me know what you think!


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