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This one is still sort of "in-progress" but I thought it the first draft looked good enough to share in the gallery. I rendered the single-screen version on Bucephalus while Shadowfax is rendering the triple-5K. Hope to have that version finished soon!


Last Call for Thank You Cards!

A year ago I had the idea to teach Ian and Jason a lesson about what their Dad does for a living. Every week they have been signing Thank You cards which we then send out to the folks who have supported my artwork through Memberships and Renewals.

Thousands of cards and signatures later I think the lesson has been learned and I will be ending the Thank You card program once the remaining ~200 Highland Spring cards have been sent out.

Check out this page if you want one sent to you, signed on the front by me and on the back by my family.

Huge thanks to everyone who participated!!



"Serpentine" is my first hi-res render using Mandelbulb 3D (not to be confused with Mandelbulber which I have used a few times before).

In some areas it seems more powerful than the other app, but in others it isn't. It's a 32-bit program, for example, so I can only use 2 GB of my 128 installed GB to process images. This means some of the post-processing options (like DOF) run out of memory on large images.

I still think it's worth learning though. Let me know what you think of the first effort!

PS: You can now use the R/L arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate through my gallery :-)


I started creating a "ground view" of my "Accretion" render but decided instead to use the scene I created for my revision of "Moonshadow" (that render will remain in the Pickle Jar here). The wider frame better suits the multiscreen "Accretion" and the resulting image is a little brighter and less gloomy.

The multiscreen finished rendering first in this case and then I had to wait until the single-screen was finished before I could post it here. Sorry for the wait!!

Here's the single screen for comparison...


I had such a great time discussing my new Shadowfax workstation with the redditors at /r/battlestations and /r/pcmasterrace that I was inspired to render a new multiscreen version of my "Fluorescence/Reddit" hybrid. I rendered this one on my Asfaloth mobile workstation.

Just for fun I added a few more aliens in the background ;-)

Here's a free triple 1080p version if anyone is interested. Members can download resolutions up to triple-5K here.


Happy to scratch another neglected multiscreen render off of my list today. "Moondance" is finally available for dual and triple-monitors. It took just over a week to render on Bucephalus during which time I was able to develop new projects on Shadowfax :-)

Which neglected multiscreen should Bucephalus attack next from his new home in my basement?


I've added "Accretion (2015)" to the Members Gallery this morning. As with "Platonics", this scene was composed in Lightwave starting with a 48:9 frame (as opposed to the 16:10 frame I've used for the past 10 years). The single-screen was cropped from the triple-5k render. Here's what it looks like on Shadowfax...

I've tried to keep the center screen interesting here but I can't say if I would have designed it this way if I had started with a 16:9 frame. Let me know what you think!


Project Shadowfax was a resounding success. Huge thanks to everyone who donated! Here's the new page for my primary workstation and I've added a new page for "Arion".

I still have about 100 of the exclusive "Project Shadowfax" thank you cards (not everyone who donated wanted one). They will go to Digital Blasphemy Donors/Patrons on a first-come/first-served basis until they are gone.



I created this rather simple (but dense) abstract using Lightwave 11 in order to assess the feasibility of creating my images in a 48:9 aspect ratio from the start (as opposed to starting with a 16:9 frame). I chose "platonic solids" after watching an excellent NOVA special called "The Great Math Mystery" recently.

I've also added multi-5K/4K/UHD renders of "Locus" this morning. I hope to have a multi-5K version of "Highland Spring" available before Monday.


I was never 100% happy with my 2014 revisit of "Moonshadow". That scene was built using a setup I had originally put together for "The Green Flash", and it took simply too long to render.

This new version was built "from scratch" and does render a bit faster. The jellyfish add considerably to the render time, but I think they improve the foreground greatly. I hope to finally be able to create a multiscreen version of this one. There was little hope for the 2014 version though.

I will keep either the 2014 version of the this new one. Your ratings and comments will decide it!

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