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Blue Rising
This tranquil image is a sequel of sorts to Rising. While it is probably the least complex image on my site, it is a popular download.
"Blue Rising"

6.47/10 rating (93 votes)

Latest Member Comment:

"Love it"
I would like to see this in the higher resolutions. Like 1028 and 1900 widescreen. I would also love to see some more underwater images as I like them as well.

Whenever I visit your site I am continually impressed with your work.


Bel (smilingdragon)

May 9, 2008
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Comments (3)

Cronus Rising

"Cronus Rising"

4.67/10 rating (24 votes)

Latest Member Comment:

I have to say, this is this first that I have looked at your pictures this far back in time... and this particular image is amazingly awe inspiring. Definately some room for improvement, especially with the technology of today. I believe that you if you remade this one, the beauty of it would be stunning. I admire your work, keep it up!


June 6, 2007
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Comments (0)

Fish Eye

"Fish Eye"

7.18/10 rating (99 votes)

Latest Member Comment:

"Please revisit this render"
I would love to see this in 16:9 and 16:10 widescreen. It is absolutely beautiful.

Mon February 14, 2011 at 11:48 pm
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Comments (2)

Hubble's Doorstep
Hubble's Doorstep: Created 06/8/98. I started with about 10 or 20 different Bryce rocks and duplicated them until I had about 250. Then I used the Randomizer to spread them out (3d Rotate/Size). I rendered the image against a black background and added the stars and the galaxy in Photoshop.
"Hubble's Doorstep"

5.22/10 rating (27 votes)

Latest Member Comment:

"Higher res?"
I also would like a higher res, preferably 1680 x 1050

Thu March 3, 2011 at 12:10 am
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Comments (3)

Ice Moon

"Ice Moon"

4.14/10 rating (22 votes)

Latest Member Comment:

This is one of my favourite wallpapers, and definitely a great source of inspiration for my fantasy writing. Thank you for such amazing work :)

Sun August 29, 2010 at 2:50 am
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Comments (0)

Roche Limit
Roche Limit: Created 7/21/98. More practice with planet rings. This scene was rendered in Bryce 3D and the stars were added later in photoshop.
"Roche Limit"

5.88/10 rating (41 votes)

Latest Member Comment:

Haha yet another favourite which has been evolving for a lot longer than I realised

Alex H
Tue May 14, 2013 at 4:19 pm
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Comments (1)

Gaia Station
This space station was one of my first attempts at designing my own objects in Ray Dream.
"Gaia Station"

5.57/10 rating (28 votes)

Latest Member Comment:

"Remix this!"
Dear Ryan,

I think this deserves a makeover. The concept is brilliant, and would satisfy your planetscape crowd. With your current resources this would likely shoot to the top 10 without question. Just a thought...

Tue March 30, 2010 at 1:01 pm
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Comments (1)

Traveller: Created 9/2/98. I premade the stars in photoshop and applied them to infinite planes 99999 absolute units from the origin. The planet is an evolution of the planet I created for my little tutorial. You can even see the fabled Bryce 3D comet in this one, if you look close!


Pickle Jar Versions

4.83/10 rating (24 votes)

Latest Member Comment:

I need to learn Lightwave 9. :(

JD Christian
December 10, 2006
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Comments (0)


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