save and position it
Create and Link Apply Textures Save it and position it.
Since you don't want to repeat this process every time you want a planet in your scene, I suggest you save this thing now, while it is still regular size and still at the origin point. Select your master sphere and then click the little triangle next to where it says Create at the top to access the object presets. Select the User pallete and then click where it says "Add". Give it a name and description and hit Enter. Now you will be able to insert this planet into any of your future scenes.
Now you will want to resize and position your planet. Depending on your persepective, select reposition the master sphere so that is is slightly farther away from you but still centered within your view. Open the attributes menu. If you started from the origin, then one or more of the object's axes will have changed. Increase axes to their maximum values (i.e. +/-99999) in the direction that is away from your perspective. Resize it once your done and it will look really big and far away.
Fill in the rest of the scene with whatever you want. A spaceship if you are going to be in outer space. . .
. . .or maybe a moonscape.
That's about it. In a later tutorial I will go into how to make planet rings and change up the textures even more to create other types of worlds (Gas Giants for example). For now, here's the .br3 file for you to play with . If you make something cool out of these, be sure to tell people where you learned it!
Create and Link Apply Textures Save it and position it.

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