Digital Blasphemy: User Gallery: When mobility is important too. by Eliott
Eliott: When mobility is important too. 3264 x 2448

When mobility is important too.

Software Used:

2.4GHz Intel i7 Quad Core, 750GB HDD + 1.5TB External, 6GB DDR2 RAM, 1GB NVIDIA GT 330M, x32 Win7, Windows XPIndex 6.3, 1366x768(16in) + 1920x1080(24in) Displays
Author's Comments:
I take my laptop to college with me once a week so I need something more portable than a desktop, but the programs I use regularly need a larger display than a laptop, this way I have both. Four years ago this was a beast of a machine, it can still play Battlefield 3 at max graphics. Only problem is the different screen resolutions cut off a corner of the wallpaper.