Digital Blasphemy Minecraft Challenge 2014: Arcana by Evan Gardner
Evan Gardner:
1920 x 1080


Based on this render...

Software Used:

AMD FX 4170 ASUS Sabertooth 990FX 16 Gb RAM Radeon HD 7770 Win 7 with Java 7 (64bit) Minecraft 1.7.10 (vanilla) - default texture pack
Author's Comments:
I've been wanting to built Arcana in Minecraft for a while, but could never quite manage all those circles. This and Portals are my favourites, overall. Given a bunch of practice and this contest as incentive, and I did it! Of course, I realized after the fact that someone won last year doing Arcana, so this isn't eligible for a prize this year. I hope people like it: I certainly enjoyed doing it. Thank you to my wife Jenna, who introduced me to Digital Blasphemy and enjoys Minecraft too.

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