Oasia at 480 x 800↑

Ryan's Notes:

Started as a Gaea doodle while chatting online about DB 2.0, then my developer partner probably noticed me getting quieter and quieter as I got more into it. I still think I could be really dangerous as a landscape artist if I can master Gaea's toolset and I think I made some good progress with this scene. Is everything perfect? No, but I can get back to working on the new site without the creeping itch to "Make Art!" for at least a few days :-)

This one renders fairly quickly too so might be able to experiment with Apple's dynamic wp with this mode, which is something the Multi-Monitor Wallpaper developer has been asking me about.

I added the water for Jessie. She's not a fan of deserts :-) Here's what it looks like rendering a 1080p preview (earlier in the development)...

iOS users: Rest your finger on the image for a second save it to your device. Computer users Right-Click and "Set as Wallpaper"

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